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WATTS – Back to Back Horizontal Closet Carrier


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Our Closet Carrier Revit families are a long time in the making, these families look as close to the original carrier as we could get from the CAD files and submittals from the manufactures website.

Some of the built-in family options include:

  • Adjustable water connection for the left or right drainage outlet,  for height, and for ADA flush valves.
  • Independent Face Place height adjustment (also contains manufacture min. and max-heights built-in) for each side.
  • Independent Foot Adjustment for each side
  • Independent Drainage outlet Adjustment for each side
  • Allows you to add SLOPE thru the barrel for drainage piping.
  • Has calculation parameters to allow you to automatically calculate slope elevations for more than one fixture.


Version Number: 1

Version Description: Released for Download

Know Issues: None

Manufacture Website for Free Download: Watts Closet Carrier Downloads


Please note if you choose to use the provided link for download from the manufacturer’s website, be advised that none of the functionality shown or described by ValorVDC families will be present, and neither will our scheduling parameters. You joined and/or brought our parts to make your workflows inside Revit easier, not harder, and for our dynamic scheduling capabilities.


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