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CHARLOTTE – NH 1_ MDC 2_SDC 4_HD 1 – No Hub Couplings



Our Revit family represents Charlotte’s No Hub Couplings containing all 4 No Hub Bands outlined in their Cast Iron Catalog: NH 1, MDC 2, SDC 4, & HD 1. Furthermore, there are two families in this download one to use these couplings as flanges as recommend by Victaulic Tools for Revit. So when you set up your “Routing Preferences” inside of Revit, it automatically applies the couplings to the pipe fitting as you drew. The other family is a multi-port fitting, so the user can place a coupling a not have it disappear when you draw from it.


Version Number: 1

Verison Description: Released for Download

Know Issues: There are no known issues with this family, but to use the NH 1 Reducing coupling placed in the multi-port family because by using these as flanges, Revit will read the first connecting pipe size, not the second pipe connecting size. So if you want to use the reducing couplings, you will have to place the multi-port family manually in the model.

Manufacture Website for Free Download:

Please note if you choose to use the link the provided link for download from the manufacture’s website, be advised that none of the functionality shown or described by ValorVDC families will be present, and neither will our scheduling parameters. You joined and/or brought our parts to make your workflows inside Revit easier, not harder, and for our dynamic scheduling capabilities.


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