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Hilti – CP 680 Cast-In Place FireStop Sleeve



Our Hilti floor-hosted sleeve family is one of the most thought-out families we have created to date not only will it report the slab thickness when inserted. You can also manually adjust the top of the sleeve to extend up off the floor for wet potential wet areas or where there are toping slabs. Additionally, when placed in areas where there are slab folds or drop panels below the floor you can also manually adjust the sleeve down to account for these elements too. But that’s not the beauty of these babies unlike other families you get I also included checkboxes for all the Hilti sleeves accessories offered so they can be easily scheduled and ordered. We work in a “BIM World” and our data exports should reflect it.

the Included Accessories are:

  • Both 3 & 4-inch Aerator Adapters
  • CTS Top Seal Plugs
  • IPS Top Seal Plugs
  • CP 680 Floor Standoff Components
  • CP 680 Water Barrier Module

Each of these accessories will automatically adjust the length of the sleeve when the check box is checked and are unaffected if the sleeve is manually adjusted.

Long story short if you have a Prefab shop and you have cut or add extensions to your sleeves you need this family, they make your life so much easier!




Version Number: 1

Verison Description: Released for Download

Know Issues: This is not an issue but I would like to inform you that you will need a floor inside your model to host the sleeve.

Manufacture Website for Free Download:,

Also, be aware Hilti does have a Revit plugin that will size and place sleeves in your model around your piping but the last time I used it around 3 years ago it did not account for wet areas, slab folds, or drop panels when calculating the sleeve lengths. If this has been fixed please let me know.

Please note if you choose to use the link the provided link for download from the manufacture’s website, be advised that none of the functionality shown or described by ValorVDC families will be present, and neither will our scheduling parameters. You joined and/or brought our parts to make your workflows inside Revit easier, not harder, and for our dynamic scheduling capabilities.


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