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What makes this “No Hub Cast Iron Wye” different from all wyes out there from other manufacturers and content creators families is it doesn’t care if you draw your lateral off at a 45-degree or 135-degree angle; it will still route perfectly. This especially comes in handy when you are drawing pipes in the vertical because sometimes you have to connect a vent to a sanitary system against the flow direction. Additionally, this wye family is designed to be used in the normal “Revit Routing Preferences” with No Hub bands used Flanges.


Version Number: 1

Verison Description: Released for Download

Know Issues: None

Manufacture Website for Free Download:

Please note if you choose to use the link the provided link for download from the manufacture’s website, be advised that none of the functionality shown or described by ValorVDC families will be present, and neither will our scheduling parameters. You joined and/or brought our parts to make your workflows inside Revit easier, not harder, and for our dynamic scheduling capabilities.


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