We are BUILDING BETTER FAMILIES and here is Why...

  • Our families are built by Plumbers for Plumbers and Pipe Fitters!
  • We are currently developing a complete line of design fittings for MEP engineers/designers who want the look and feel of old-style plumbing drawings created in AutoCAD or by hand, but with all the intelligence and calculations Revit has to offer.
  • Our lightweight fittings are built to the highest level of detail Revit has to offer. All of our manufacturer based fittings meet a minimum Level Of Development (LOD) of 350. Our Weldbend fittings are built to a LOD of 600, and even the flanges display the bolthole patterns along with the beveled connections no matter the size.
  • All of our families are embedded with the same type & instance parameters, making scheduling quick & painless. Scheduling can be executed in many different ways; by product type, by group, by sub-type, or by fitting pattern.
  • All fittings are built to run on slope, no matter if it is a copper elbow or a cast iron combination fitting.
  • We use Yes/No Parameters to list the available fitting sizes from their Lookup Tables for easy reference on the Properties Pallet under the “Segments and Fittings.”

Coming Soon Series

Moving From AutoCAD 2 Revit

A2R is a free video series that will be hosted on YouTube to help people move from AutoCAD to Revit. By breaking down basic Revit concepts for individuals who currently use AutoCAD in terms that are easy to understand and to aid them in a smooth transition into Revit workflows.

Some of the Manufacturers our "REVIT FAMILIES" were created to represent‚Äč